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Kari Abate

December First, December 2001
Too So, April 2001*

Diana Adams

Throughway, April 2006

Neil Aitken

Adrift, June 2004*
Forgetting To Fill Up In Saskatoon, December 2003*
Sun Dance, April 2004

Lonnie Anderson

Cowboy Lazarus, November 2003
I Am Indian, Mexican and White, March 2002

Stanley P. Anderson

Booming grounds, April 2006

Terry Angelo

Salsa Serenade, March 2007

Edna Aphek

Let Me Rest, May 2003

Peter Arnds

Blush of Milkweed, February 2004

Russell Ashby

My Grandpa And Me, February 2003

Aurora Austin

Bearded Men, November 1997
Dad said, May 1996
Dust, October 1996
Formed, November 2001
Paean II, February 1997
Pennied Hope, May 1996
summer in kansas, June 1998*

James Autio

My Bundt, March 2007

Amanda Ayers

Kansas, May 2008

Reid Baer

Private Conversion, December 2002

Charles Baker

Phone Call Home, June 2000

Richard Ballon

Looking Out, November 2000

Allen Barnes

At Dawn...The Heart, January 1997
Untitled, June 2000
Windy Blue Dancer, February 1997

Ron Baron

Saskatchewan Dandelions, April 2001
The Yoke, April 1997

Christi Barrett

Hands, November 2002

Daniel Barrett

Fields, July 2007

Ron Beam

Blonde Guitar, February 2005
Fields, September 2002
Liberty MO – 1955, Summer 2006
Sioux Call, November 2003

Dori Patterson Bearce

Fiddle Dreams , October 1997

Amanda Becker

Haiku, December 1998

Chris Becker

In Winter, February 2000
Iowa Prairie Summer, July 2002

Samantha Bell

Planting, May 2008

Alan Bender

'04, May 2004
Prairie Fellows, June 2003

Karen Berry

Bivouak, December 2004
Midnight in Pierpont, South Dakota, March 2007
Nana Lucille, September 2005
Neither Christian Nor Science, September 2006

Jon Bidwell

there's always, March 1999

Linda L. Bielowski

Growing Season, July 2005

M.T. Bins

Reflection, November 1999

Dave Bishop

1020, June 2000
A Few Fine Lines, April 2001
Cumulous Opus , July 1998
From The Family Album , April 1998
Gathering Hickory Nuts, December 1999
Gardening, May 2002
Grandma's Homemade Bread, September 2005
In The Earth, May 2003
Kristin In The Creek, July 1999
Looking North Toward The Timber, December 2000
On Winter Days, February 2002
Out of Urban, March 1998*
Prairie Child, May 1998
Prairie Home Companion, December 2004
The Cardinal , December 1998
The Plowman's Work, December 2001

John I. Blair

Blue Norther, October 2002
Camargo Septet, October 2004
Cross Farm, September 2002
Florence, April 2003
Intimations Of Prairie In Dallas, March 2006*
Kaw's Point, May 2004
Kansas, September 2008
Nothing Between Me And The North Pole, December 2003*
Sandhill Plum Butter, May 2005
The Shortest Route, November 2007

Gary Blakenship

Romancing To a Two-Step, April 2003
She Showed Us The Way To Live, April 2002
Song of Myself #61 – Fare-collector, September 2008
The Bloody Center, May 2007

Susan Blight

Home, April 2004

David Bond

Coal Town, 1926, November 2002
De Re Metallica, April 2002
Everything To Do With Mining, February 2003
Flatlands, September 2002
Prayer Against Leaving, October 2004*
Quiet Time: For Verne Morton, December 2004
The Tipple, June 2002

Joshua Borgmann

Peonies and Dust, June 2001
The Breakfast Meeting, May 1997

Serenity Borrowman

Prairie Dust, April 2005

Kristy Bowen

Divination, July 2001
Harvest, November 2001
Volition, April 2002

J. Boychuk

The Cowboy / Rover, December 1998
An Empty Promise, October 1998
Habitat Encroachment, September 1998

Bob Bradshaw

Carrie Nation, March 2006
Crossing The Prairie, October 2003
Leaving The Dust Bowl, October 2004

Janet Brennan

Momma's Souvenir, November 2007

Laura Brighton

Prairie Girl, May 2005

Sally Broomfield

Fences, May 2003

Howard Brown

Forge Song, November 2003
On The Bitterroot, October 2001

Leah Browning

The Woman Who Could See Sound, November 2007*

Will Brulé

The Funeral Arrangement - North Dakota, October 2001*
The Song of Flies in Summer, July 2008*

Cass Bruton

Tumbleweed Christmas, December 2005

Inga Bukharova

Bond, September 2006

Ryan Bunch

Song For The Ladies Of The Soil, July 2008

Judy Gaile Burgess

By the Weak, June 2000
The Barn, December 2000
The Ghost of Me, September 2001

Mary Butler

Loon, September 2007*

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne

Irish Cowboys, July 2004
The Homecoming, June 2006

Cindy Calhoun

Child, Please Remember, April 1998
Silent Hill, November 2006

Abigail Calkin

A Gathering of Family, October 2001
Childhood, October 1996
Evening, June 1996
One Afternoon, November 1996
Silent Scars, October 2000

Hailey Campbell

Nebraska: The Good Life, November 2005

Bill Carroll

An Unguarded Dream, December 2000
At Eden's Edge, November 2003
Born in a Crossfire Shopping Mall, March 2001
Changing Uniforms, September 2002
Clearing the Garden, May 1999
Closing up in October, November 1999
Colorado Plateau, September 2000
Hallelujah, September 1999
I Pick at Time, March 2000
Longboats in a Row, December 2001
Lunch Reunion, November 2001
Morning Survey, September 2005
New Gloves, May 2002
Readings, November 2006
Trains 2, May 2000
Walking in a Different America, January 2000

Brooks Carver

Afternoon Heavy with the Closeness of Rain, March 2006

John Cassens

I Live For Fall, October 1999

Clark Chatlain

From The Tri-Cities Road, February 2005

Robbie Chernish

Old Testament, December 2001

Herb Church

cowboy dreams, July 1997

Mike Cluff

The Lament, November 2000

Shaila Cockar

Illinoise, Which Isn't So Bad, March 2003
Leaving, April 2004

Joe Coffey

Columbia Is Lost, March 2003
December 1st, December 2000
Decoration Day, June 2000
Human Flight, September 1998
Imagination, October 1999
Prairie Haiku #1, September 1997
Prairie Haiku #2, November 1997*
Prairie Haiku #3, January 1998
Right-hand Pointing, September 2007
Solstice, October 1996
through the trees, June 1999

Ashley Coleman

The Cracks Made In My Fingers, March 2008*

Bill Coleman

Flight of the Red-tailed Hawk, May 1999

Job C. Conger, IV

Blue Winter Sky, January 1998

Christopher Cook

The Straw Man, July 2008

Don Coonrod

Great Aunt Ginny's Crystal, September 2005

Heather Knowles Cottington

In Summer Come Black-Eyed Susans, June 2004*
Seven Miles Northeast of Des Moines, December 1998

Terry Cox-Joseph

Communal Living, October 2003

Jennifer Crivlare

The Stream, September 2004

Alberta Crosby

The Romance of Farming, June 2005

Bridgette Crosby

I'm Goin' In, April 2003
Just An Acre, November 2005

Cesar Cruz

There's A Place, November 2002

Pat Daneman

Bazaar Cemetery, October 1999
By the Creek Where the Farm Used To Be, July 1999
In the Trees, June 2001

Marsha K. Davis

Cradle of Love, May 2000
Muse of My Antiquated Quilt, September 2000

Sam B. Davis

Surfing at Revis Springs, October 2000

William Davis

The Funeral, September 1997

Carol Dejka

Untitled, July 2000

Drew deMan

Iowa Friends, November 2004

Ronald J. DeSantis

Gran's Garden, April 1999
Marriage on the plains, April 2000

Carol Desjarlais

In Full Swing, December 2004

Will Dixon

Babe Likes to Dance, February 2002
Charlie's Oath, February 2003
Night Train, November 2008
On the Corner of Grand and Main, December 2001

Sara Donnelly

Barley Flour and a Patch of Strawberries, June 1998

Sharon Drummond

Calgary to Kingston to Calgary, November 2000
Comfort, June 2001
Driving Home, November 2004
Holding the Sky, March 1999
Still the Rush, April 2000

Vicki Goodfellow Duke

White Dandelion, March 2005*

Marc duPlan

Call To The Prairie Gods, February 2004
Winter Nude, November 2008*

Jo-Anne Dusel

A Prairie Poem, May 1998
The Storm Approaches, November 1998

Leon Elam

This Clay Yearns, September 2003
untitled, September 2004

Trista Petra Emmer

Descent, June 1999

Glen Enloe

Rural Tragedy, March 2002

Duane Esarey

The Funeral Wedding, July 1999

Meagan Evans

Drought Song, October 2002*

James A. Felson

Era, March 2000

Ruben Fernandez

Y La Noche Came, September 2003

Gail Ficher

BelleAmie’s Dad, March 2004
Claude Hibdon, November 2008
Dad Myths, July 2007
Morning Mystery, December 2002

L. Mark Finch

Compost, December 2004

Adrian Fisher

The Wind Traffics With the Trees, December 2003

Justin Fisher

Four Corners, July 1999
Pond Walk, May 1999

John Flaherty

July In Nebraska, July 2003

Loren Flynn

Winifred and Beyond, September 2000*

Matt Ford

Timeless Legend, July 2004

Thomas Fortenberry

Peach Willow, May 2004

Bruce Foster

My Prairie Towns, November 2008

Ann Fowler

Ashes To Ashes, January 1999
Telling Time, March 1998

Anne Fraser

Planting The Land, May 2003

Wendy Friedmeyer

Midwestern Spring, April 2000
Winter Is Coming, February 2001

Danielle Friesen-Bethune

Farm Girl, July 2001
We Walked, September 2002

Corrine Frisch

Eden's Legacy, July 1998

Vaughn Fritts

Summer Saturdays In Havelock, Nebraska, July 2005

Rich Furman

Out Of Loveland, July 2002

John Gallagher

James River Church, February 2006
Perhaps The Soup, Itself, May 2008
The Neighbors, November 2007

K. Gallagher

13, September 2002

Pat Galvin

The Oregon Trail, November 2005

Melanie Gatchell

Silent Relations, September 2008

Pam Gebhard

Hello, Goodbye, February 2005
Stir, May 2006
The Shoot, July 2004

Greg German

Dust-Devil in July, June 2001

Thomas Golden

Planting, July 1998
Seven-Thirty, September 1998

Howard Good

Heartland, September 2006
Now That The Buffalo Are Gone, May 2006
Scarecrow, May 2008

Todd Goodson

Butchering Time, October 1998

Peter J. Gorham

The End of Summer, September 2004
This Land, July 2003

RCJ Graves

The Prairie Is Divine, November 2008

James Green

Climbing the Silo, March 2004

Rosemary Griebel

Prairie Ghazal, September 2001*

Ken Grimme

A Scene o' the West, January 2000
The Mule Skinner's Bath, April 1999

John-Wesley Harding

Where Do Straw Dogs And Sacks Of Men Die, March 2005

Nat Hardy

Moby Thresher, October 2002

Craig Harkema

The Whereabouts, March 2008

Brwyn Harris

Jacob Is, May 2007

Victor Harrison

Damsel, May 1997
Uncover me with caution, December 1997

Marvin Hass

Prairie Lonesome, November 2006
Prairie Wind, November 2005

Betty Lou Hebert

Prairie Gentian, June 2000

J. Anthony Heck

Midwest Massage, December 2005

Billenda Hemeyer

East To Rest, March 2003

Mary Herbert

Looking For All The Wrong Things, June 1999

Dale K. Hermann

Reunion, November 2000

J.D. Heskin

After North Dakota, July 2002
Canyon Winds, July 2004
Cow Barn: 1952, May 2007
Furrows Plowed, February 2001*
In North Dakota, December 2001
Motherland, October 2003
My Old Hometown, April 2006
Town Boy, May 2008

Mary Hilke

Truckin' On The Prairie, November 2004

A. Dale Hilliard

Partners, April 1999

Joan Hoekstra

Bad Lands Revisited, July 2000
Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, May 2000
Notes On Small Towns, February 2003*
The Gathering - Pincher Creek, April 2000

Joan Hoffman

Western Recipe, May 2006

M. E. Hope

Cold Mountain Under Fog, December 1999
Rural Routes, June 2005
Too Long Away From the Open Road, February 2000

Joan Munn Hopkins

Black Silk Scarf, September 2000
Saddle Leather, October 2002
Watershed, July 2000
Winter Cipher, February 2003

John Horváth, Jr.

Sister Rachel, April 1999

Hazel Smith Hutchinson

Bees and Other Dangerous Things, March 1999

Annette Marie Hyder

Prairie Ghazal, September 2001

Courtney Ivey

2 Miles to Vicksburg: Crossing the Mississippi Bridge, May 2005

Robert Jackson

Fried Chicken, November 2005

Terry Jacobus

This Is The Religion Of Earth, Summer 2006

Harold Janzen

I Study Leaves, February 2001

Janet Jarvis-Long

Address Service Requested, June 2005

Joseph John

Mystic Tunnel Toll, December 1999

Hope L. Johnson

Nebraska 8:52 pm, July 2005

Lois P. Jones

Moonspeak, December 2005

Mark Jones

Ill Wind, March 1999

David Joseph

Across the Oklahoma Plains, June 2002

Joel Jupp

The Reverse Of Fly, December 2005

Debra Kaufman

At Aunt Emma's Table, July 1996
Flood of '94, June 1997*
Flower Girl, July 2008
Myopia, Fall, February 2002
So, Grandfather, July 1996
The Roy Rogers Show, September 1998
Waiting, September, September 2004
Women's Work, March 2001

Clyde Kessler

Heaven, July 2003
Spear Point, May 2002*

Bonnie Kilgore

Prairie Memory, November 1998

Paul Kloppenborg

Vanishing Barn, January 1999*
We Alive Being, December 1997

Robert E. Kogan

A Time For Us?, December 1996
Slow Down, November 1996

C. La Foret

Montana Portrait, July 1999

Don Lang

Stones In Prairie Field, February 2003

Elisabeth Lee

After Salina, June 2006
Dog Days, February 1998
Embers, December 2002
Excoriation, February 2004
Ghosts, November 2000*
Here, November, November 2001
Hollow, March 1997
In the Land of Bread, September 1997*
Kansas Gothic, June 1996
Kaw, April 1997
Nebulous, May 1996
Not Home, Yet, February 2006
O Susanna, March 2003
Prairie Icon, July 1996
Ring Ring, March 2007
Roadside, November 1998
Spring, June 2004
Stand Offish, February 2000
Sudden Ending, February 1999
Topeka, May 1996

Robert Edson Lee

July 30th. Monday 1804, May 2004
Thursday April 18th 1805, April 2005
Wednesday July 24, July 2004

Gary Lehmann

Out On The Range, September 2006

Alex Lemon

Listen, June 2002

Robert Littler

Driving to Mom's Burial With Dad, April 2001
Pruning, November 2001

Claudia Loomis

1942, April 2000
For Sandy, July 2000*
Surviving, March 2000

Michael Loose

Without Changing the Whole, May 1997

Terry Lowenstein

The Old Homestead, September 2001
sundays reclaimed, April 2006
Why Dinner Will Be Simple, July 2003

Lola Lucas

Urban Chick, September 2008

Rhonda Foss Lundquist

Field Fire, March 2001
Salt, February 2006

Stacy Magerkurth

Goddess in my Rearview, September 1996
City Sickness, June 1998

Raymond Maher

My Prairie Town, November 2005

Carol Manley

Corn Wars, July 2008

Rick Marlatt

Platte Valley Farm in Central Nebraska, September 2008

Graham Marlowe

Iowa at First Glance, Summer 2006

Raymond D. Marshall

Big Rigs At Night, November 2003

Fran Masat

All My Friends Were There, November 2003
Annual Meetings, April 2003
Carry Me Tonight, March 2007
Honey & Cream, May 2005
New Town, Great Plains Province, Summer 2006
Prairie Lights, December 2004
Wisps of Sacagawea, February 11, 1805, May 2004

Frank Mathias

Dust to Dust, November 1998

Jay Marvin

Tradition, June 1996

A.J. McClanahan

Deep In The Rye, July 2008
July Rye, July 2004
The Bench, May 2004

Billie McCorkle

The Farmer's Wind, September 2004

Suzanne McHargue-Lange

Collage, November 2001
Dustbowl Dissertation, September 2000
Sandy Gulch Memoir, June 2003
Seven Generations, July 2000
The Weight, October 2000
Winter of 1910, February 2001

Dean Morrison McKenzie

Harbinger of Desiccation, December 2001
May Day, May 2002

Robert McManes

Winter In Kansas, March 2003

Tim McMillan

Real Dream, January 1997

Jenna McMullan

Flying Home Between Strangers, May 2006

Stephen Meats

Driving US 36, March 2003

Martha Meek

Summer Jubilee, July 2007

Marion Merrill

Small Town Life, May 2001

Joyce Middlestead

Wild Onions, Summer 2006*

Caroline Miller

Angles, April 2002

Harry Miller

Near The Settee, September 2003

Nelson Miller

Missouri Morning, October 2003

Katie Mills

The Cottonwood Tree, June 1997

O. Renee Minium

Home, September 2001

Norman Minnick

The Filling of the Lake, May 2001

Brian Minturn

Spring Clean, December 2000
The Night Swim, April 2004

Neil Monroe

The Farm, June 2005

Farzana Moon

Muse Songs, July 1997
Splintering Hush, December 1997

George Moore

Ride, May 2008
Sandstone House, September 2008

Evelyn Moos

On the Prairie, September 1999
Pioneer Women, July 2001
The Business of Living, March 2000

Daniel Thomas Moran

Recalling Pipestone Minnesota, June 2005*

Jolene Moseman

Heading Home In Winter, December 2002

Ian Mosher

A Place Untouched by Lines, February 2000

Maureen Mullin

Burning, June 2004

Margaret Mullins

Prairieland, September 2007

Eunice Doman Myers

Midsummer In Kansas, September 2007

Jesse Zerger Nathan

Liberal, Kansas, April 2006*

Joan Newton

Sightings, September 2007

Winston Nielson

Of Coyotes an' Cottontails, April 1999

Robert H. Nunnally, Jr.

Fried Pies, March 2005

Jim O'Loughlin

Drift, April 2003

Scott Odom

Downsized, July 2001
I Remember Grandpa, December 1999
The Robbery, April 1999

Peter Ooley

Summer With Janna, September 2007

Bruce Owens

Flat Rock, May 2003

Stephen Page

The Drought, November 2007

Shari Paget

Memory Candy, June 2006

Marcy L. Palk

The Cowboy's Book of Flattery, September 1996

Karen Pape

Xeriscape, March 2003

George Pasley

Are The Daffodils Blooming, Inge, February 2004
When The Earth Sings Lament, September 2003

Bliss Patterson

Peeling Potatoes, February 2002

Naomi Patterson

Autumn Storm, November 1998
Dreams Deferred, October 1998
Drought, September 2003*
First Thaw, March 2001
Horse Show, May 1996
Kansas Sunbather, July 2002
Kansas Wind, November 1999
May Visitor, May 1999
October Chase, October 2000
Pink Flamingos In The Snow, March 2005
Predicament, April 1998

Susan Phillips

Beyond the Back Gate, July 2000
Corn Fest in Kin Coulee, October 2000

Dorothy Pike

A Beckoning Country Road, May 2002

Karsten Piper

The Word flat, March 2008*

Siobhan Pitchford

A Prairie Widow, March 2004

Michael Ponsford

These Farms In Fall, October 2003

Adrian Potter

Finding Religion Along Interstate 80, July 2008

Luke Powers

The Dancers, March 1999

Vess Quinlan

Tracks, May 2002

Aja Rajendran

The Nomads, May 2000

Luba Rascheff

A Study of Still Motion, September 1996

Tara-Lei Read

Hardscrabble Hill, June 2003

Arvin Reder

Remembering Prairie School Days, February 2001

Shelly Reed

Dedication to the Countess, March 2002
Gabrielle, February 2002

Tisha Reese

Goose Hunters' Girlfriend, November 2006
Seasons In Wyoming, December 2002

Mark Reimer

Indigenous, May 1998
Prayer for One Dying Young, September 1998
Union Pacific, June 1998

Fritz Reinhart

Commotion, February 2005
Day 63, July 2001
Monday, July 2003
Near Bell's Pitch, November 2000
Sod Busters, October 2002
Untitled, March 2000
Untitled 2, April 2000
Wagon Masters, September 2001

Lora K. Reiter

The Flint Hills (I), November 2002
The Flint Hills (II), December 2002

Elizabeth Reninger

Deer, September 2007
Icicles, April 2005
Late Autumn, December 2004
Listening, December 2005
Mother, September 2004
Trinity, December 2003

Thomas Reynolds

A Tour Of Bloom, October 2004
An Ex-Patriate Kansan Rides The Train Of Remembering, July 2005
Becoming Pioneers, November 2007
Burning The Fields, December 2005
Corps of Discovery, May 2004
Mental Notes Of A Kansas Hermit, March 2004
Prairie Phantom, June 2004

Don Richmond

Grandmother's Watering Can, October 2002
Whirlwind, June 1999

Paige Riehl

Freezing at the Ice Palace in St. Paul, February 2005

Donna Ritchley

Ghost Rain, July 2002

Matthew Campbell Roberts

Hay, September 2006

Andrés Rodríguez

The Harp, September 2008

Peter Ross-Gotta

No Matter, September 2001
Soars R Us, July 2002

Donna Ryan

End of Autumn, November 2004
Sacajawea, May 2004

Allan Safarik

Weather Vane, June 2004

Dana Salvador

Driving Lesson, Summer 2006
During Harvest, May 2006

David Sander-Ladd

Somewhere, September 2000

Doug Schaak

Feeding, June 2006
Soo Line, July 2005
Tastee Freez, October 2004

Vernon Schmid

Blackberries, December 2003
Kansas Unicorn, March 2008
Rivers Sing, April 2005
Scars, July 2007

John Schmoyer

Race Of Fire, December 2002

Larry Schug

Arrogant Bones, May 2007*
Night Driving--The Great Plains, July 2001
Preparing the Fields, March 2004

Marjorie J. Scott

Hitching Post in Amboy, February 1998
How Long it's Been, September 2000
Summer at Cross Lake, November 1999
The Village of St. Anthony’s First Wheelwright, December 1999

Jan Epton Seale

In Praise of the Mesquite, October 2003

Rowena Silver

Manitoba Warmth, November 1999*
Portage La Prairie, April 2003

Julia Meylor Simpson

A Prayer For The Wind, May 2003
Hearing Polkas On the Plains, November 2004*

Carol Sircoulomb

Car Phone, November 1999
Kansas Tears, October 1999
The Followers, December 2000
Where Are You Now Greg Shidler, February 2002

Paul Skinner

Ghost Town, January 2000
Rules to Hunt By, June 2002

Gregory Smith

I See the Silhouette, April 1997

Kenneth J. Smith

Abandoned Dreams, March 2008

PJ Smith

The Changing Landscape, October 1998

Barbara Spring

Bedtime Story, May 2000
North, February 1999

Mary Solomon

Private Symphony, September 1999

Stephen Stamp

Confluence, May 2001
Last Stand: Negative, June 1996
The Shucking Of The Corn, November 2006
Winter Corn, February 2006

Ben Stivers

Steel Trees, June 1996

Frank Stokes

Of a Landscape Perceived in a Movie, February 2001

Kristin Stoner

More than anything, I hate the damned wind, December 2005*

Mary Ann Stout

Topography, July 1996
Women I Don't Know, July 1996

Garland Strother

Cutting Wheat, July 2007

Melissa Sullivan

A Growing Season, July 1998

David Hunter Sutherland

A Natural Complex, March 1998

Colen H.Sweeten Jr.

Something To Think About.....All Night Long, July 1997

Royce Sykes

Reading The Leaves Of Windbreak Trees, July 2001

Doug Tanoury

Nebraska Art, December 1996*
Old Barn, February 1999
Scottsbluff, January 1997

Don Thackrey

Country Program, May 2007

Doug Thiele

Book Pedler, March 2004
My Vietnam War Story, November 2002
Out Back, February 1999*

S.A. Thieman

Rain, April 2004

William Tinsley

The Barn, June 1997
Chickens, September 1996
The Robin, March 1997
Winter Morning, January 1998*

Twyla Toews

Flat, April 2005

Mark Torrez

Angies' Basement, February 1997
Mary Master, January 1997

P. A. Trice

Untitled, July 2002

Bill Trudo

Nebraska-Dreaming Pointiles, June 2001
Somewhere, Kansas, February 2000
Through Central Illinois, December 2001

Pam Tucker

The Sack Said, “Steps to a Successful Pasture”, March 2006

Eldon R. Turner

Kansas Returns in Season, March 2007
Return: Memory and Emblem's Ash, December 2003
The Comfort of Quilts, September 2005

Rosalee van Stelten

Eunice, March 2001
Winnipeg Childhood, June 1999

Kirk VanDyke

1978 In Texas, July 2007

Maria Vega

Midwestern Sea, November 2008

Michelle Vondal

1960 - Traveling Man, February 2001
Autumn Cornfields, October 1997
Jennie's Garden, December 1996
Lady Slippers, February 1998
Summer Drive, March 1997
Sweet Nectar Days, November 2002
To Anyone Who Will Know What I Mean, November 1996

Oren Wagner

A Tall Texas Tale, November 2006
Laddies'  Last  Cowboy, February 2006

Kevin Walby

Grandma, She Knows, February 2003

Colin Ward

Prairie Prayer, May 2007

Mel Waterhouse

Canning, June 2003
Two Hundred Fifty Miles, September 1996

Jason Watkins

Slow Is a Speed , October 1997

Don Watson

As It Is, May 2000
Times Way, March 2000

Helen R. Weingarten

Almost Prayer, October 2001

Jacqueline West

Afternoon Burial, 1931, March 2007
Little Ten Fingers, September 2006

Steve West

One Good Place, February 2004

Margaret Wigley Westall

Our Homestead , January 1999

Lynn Westbrook

I Won’t Let the Biscuits Burn, May 2005

Tony Whisenant

Wheat, June 2003

Debra L.White

Dust Bowl Dirge, September 2008

Karen White

Between Sagebrush Flats, December 2000

M. T. Whallete

West Texas, September 1999

Elizabeth Hughes Wiley

Kansas, September 2006*
The Wholly Ordinary, July 2007

Gary Charles Wilkens

A Statement from Citizens Against Nude Juicebars, May 2005

Kristie Woll

Fair, November 2006

Cindy Wren

I Remember, March 2008

David Wright

Along Weaver Creek, April 2004
Dust and Power, November 2000
For John, May 2001
Gammal Fäbodpsalm , June 2002*
Prairie Grass Elegy, November 2008

Writers Round Table

Goin' West on a Dragon Train , November 1997

Warrick Wynne

The Bay, July 1999

Sarah Yost

Stain Repellant, January 2000*

Charlene Zatorski

A Trucker's Wife, May 2007

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