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Sharon Drummond
Into This Room
Prairie Poets
Jan Epton Seale
The Yin of It
Barbara Spring
The Wilderness Within


David Hunter Sutherland
Between Absolutes


Doug Thiele
Like Chinese Milk
David Wright
A Liturgy For Stones
David Wright
Lines From The Provinces


by authors at Prairie Poetry

Abigail Calkin
Abigail Calkin
The Carolyne Letters
Elisaberth Lee
For Glory
Farzana Moon
Glorious Taj and Immortal Beloved

Non Fiction

by authors at Prairie Poetry

Terry Cox-Joseph
Adjustments: The Making of a Chiropractor
Barbara Spring
Dynamic Great Lakes

Other Reading from the Prairies that we Recommend

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Great Plains
Ian Frazier
Great Plains

With a unique blend of intrepid adventure, tongue-in-cheek humor, and wide-eyed wonder, Ian Frazier takes us on a journey through the vast and myth-inspiring Great Plains -- from the site of Sitting Bull's cabin, to an abandoned house once terrorized by Bonnie and Clyde, to the scene of the murders chronicled in Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. It is an expedition that reveals the heart of the American West.

Kent Haruf

This wonderful read tells an intimate and distinctive story of life in a small town on the Colorado prairie. Must reading!

The Meadow
James Galvin

The Meadow

"This book has an episodic structure, the sense of looking through separate windows into indivudual moments of time and place. There is something about the western landscape, prairies & mountains, that is aware of its own isolation. The Meadow is a meditation on people in situations that escape their understanding. Lyrical prose combines with gritty dialogue. Galvin presents us with the strangeness of ordinary people." (E. Lee)

P. Jane Hafen, Diane Dufva Quantic
A Great Plains Reader

This is a great collection of stories. I have been reading it cover to cover and enjoy every story. Many of the stories are so well written that I can feel the wind and hear the meadowlarks that I remember from my childhood growing up near Wichita. I would recommend it for every Great Plains native and maybe for those who don't understand why anyone would want to live "out there." (C. Thurston)


Kathleen Norris


"... an evocative tribute to the Great Plains and their power to transform the spirits of farmers, townsfolk, Native Americans, and others. "Deeply moving." (New York Times Book Review)

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