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Please Give Now To The 2008 Peer Award
Many Thanks To The Friends of Prairie Poetry For Their Contributions To The 2008 Friends Prize

John Blair
Gary Blankenship
Will Brule
Geraldine Moorkens Byrne
Brooks Carver
Joe Coffey
J Donald Coonrod

Marc duPlan
Melanie Gatchell
Naren Jackson
Debra Kaufman
Elisabeth Lee
Rhonda Lundquist
Francis Masat

George Moore
Margaret Mullins
Sandra Raichel
Elizabeth Renninger
Gerard Sarnat
Alexandra Shively
Eldon Turner
Elizabeth Wiley


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Your voluntary contribution helps support our poets as they continue to bring
the spirit of the prairies to people all over the world.

100% of your donation of $20 or more funds the annual Friends Prize.
During 2004 over $600 was awarded. During 2005 $800 was awarded.
During 2006 $900 was raised and awarded in January 2007.
The award in January 2008 totaled $800.

All annual contributors have a voice in choosing the annual winner.
100% of your contribution is awarded as part of the total Friends Prize.
Prairie poetry pays all administrative and fundraising expenses.

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