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All submissions will be discarded until then.
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For Glory
Prairie Poetry is pleased to recommend
For Glory (women's detective mystery)

We would be pleased to consider your poetry submissions for publication at this site!

Be sure to follow these guidelines carefully and send only your best work:

Recent changes to our process:

Prairie Poetry now publishes 5 new editions per year (March, May, July, September, November) on or shortly after the first of the month. In January we publish the Peer Awards edition.

Submissions are limited to two poems per reading period. Reading periods end the 20th of the month prior to publication of a new edition.

Prairie Poetry publishes and markets hardcopy fiction and poetry by invitation only.

See more below.

We publish poetry without charging the poet, but those who hope to be published at Prairie Poetry must carefully observe the following guidelines.

Quality work is important to us. Whether your poetry deals with the geography of the land or that of the soul, the awareness of the people or of those passing through, we invite you to offer your experience of the prairie or the plains here.

Prairie Poetry is dedicated to poets of the North American Great Plains. We prefer but are not limited to work that finds its subject matter in the land or the people East of the Rocky Mountains and West of the Mississippi River, from Northern Canada to Northern Mexico. We are delighted that good poetry abounds on the Internet. Prairie Poetry is limited by time and energy in what we can publish, therefore we have adopted these limitations. Our goal is to publish 5 - 7 poems with every new edition.

There are no reading or submission fees. A contribution of $10 or more to the Friends Prize is gratefully received and the donor is thanked and his/her name remembered.

We pay no authors fees or royalties whatsoever. Poems published during a calendar year are automatically elegible to receive the annual Friends Prize and its monetary purse . The Friends Prize is given annually (details). The award's funding depends on contributions and the amount of the award(s) is determined by the contributions received ($700 in 1/2005, $800 in 1/2006). Recipients are first nominated in a competitive process by authors who have previously been published at Prairie Poetry. The final selection for the Friends Prize is made by the Friends -- those who make a monetary contribution to the prize.

We publish only individual poems online. We do not consider manuscripts, chapbooks or any traditional publications. We never publish short stories. We do not publish anything in any offline, hardcopy format.

Prairie Poetry is published monthly, except in August and January. The January edition consists of the Peer Awards for the previous year. There is no publication in August. New issues usually appear on or just before the first of the month. The poetry submissions received on or before the 20th of each month will be read and a decision made usually prior to the 1st of the next month. Depending on what's already been accepted, publication may be delayed as long as eight months after acceptance.

Poems previously published in chap book form are acceptable. Original work is preferred.

Please pay attention to the following requirements:

  • Poems that have already been or will be published elsewhere on the Internet will be rejected.
  • Work submitted may not be submitted simultaneously to other Internet publications. Email submissions addressed to multiple recipients will not be read.
  • We do not read or publish poems that are already html formatted.
  • We do not read or publish short stories.
  • We have a decided bias against very long poems.
  • We seldom publish songs.
  • We do not read or publish haiku.

Send no more than TWO poems during a monthly reading period that fit the guidelines above to the following Email address:

(submissions to any other Prairie Poetry address will not be read or acknowledged)

The Email subject must contain the word, submission, without which it may not be read.

You will receive a confirmation Email that your work has been received if you include the word "submission" in the subject line of your Email.

Works submitted must be part of the body of an Email message --Not an attachment to an Email message.

Poetry submitted as any kind of an attachment to an Email will not be opened or read.

Email that is in Rich Text Format (RTF) is acceptable.

Do not send more than two poems during any reading period. We will read only two poems during any reading period. If you send more than two poems none of them will be read or considered. Should your work be accepted, please know that we do not consider new, additional submissions from an accepted author until after the accepted work has been published on Prairie Poetry.

Be sure to include your name and a brief paragraph about yourself. Please know that we do not publish every author, let alone every submission that we receive. We never publish more than one poem in a given month for any author we accept.

Rejected poems that observe submission requirements will be returned electronically in an Email notification of our decision. If you submit multiple poems in separate emails and all are rejected, you may receive only one email notification of our decision.

When publishing a poem we do our best to reproduce the formatting and case usage in which your original work appears. The limitations of our time and this medium are such that the electronic result is not always identical to your original. Your poem will be displayed with a graphic side bar that we feel is appropriate.

By submitting your poem for consideration you are giving Prairie Poetry the right to publish that poem on the Internet website of Prairie Poetry for an indefinite period.

Also, please know that we accept responsibility only for the initial cyber-publication of your work. You retain the copyright to your work and we will post a copyright notice with your work, but in our world there are pirates who may choose to take advantage of us. Grace and beauty begin with trust.

We do this without charge because we enjoy it, so please be generous of spirit.

More Details About Our Process

Marc duPlan, editor

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