Prairie Poetry

Prairie Poet Biographies

* Peer Award(s) Winner
Kari Abate *
is a poet, photographer, and freelance writer living in Springfield, Illinois.
Diana Adams
lives in Northern Alberta and has been published in a variety of journals.
Neil Aitken **
Born in Vancouver, was raised in Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, the US, and Canada, in communities as various as small farming towns in northern Saskatchewan and the industrial districts of Taipei City. The son of two librarians, words accompany him wherever he goes; books fill walls, rooms, floors; he talks to himself and scribbles on the backs of business cards. He says, "Canada is in the heart, a great island that lies beyond the horizon of my memory." He works as a computer programmer in California, plotting his escape for an eventual MFA.
Lonnie Anderson
was raised north of the Shoshone Arapaho Reservation and found his biological parents after 29 years. "They never told anyone about me not even their spouses of 25 years or their parents. I spent most of my life as a guide and outfitter in the Windriver Mountains in Wyoming. I moved to New York City to be a poet."
Stanley P. Anderson
lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and, writing poetry and fiction for about 35 years, he has published poetry in various literary journals. He has worked as an editor for the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, since 1974. He has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Maryland. 
Terry Angelo
is a second generation native New Yorker who has emerged from a very long writer's block.
Edna Aphek
is a linguist and educational researcher who lives in San Francisco and specializes in the introduction of computer literacy within educational and social systems. She has designed and implemented virtual learning environments and partnerships for children and senior citizens and has published stories and poetry for children and adults.
Peter Arnds
is an Associate Professor of German and Italian at Kansas State University and has published several academic books, numerous scholarly articles as well as some short stories and poems.
Russell Ashby
has lived in Kansas all his life with the exception of a couple of years in eastern Colorado and Nebraska. "I love the great plains and rolling hills of the MidWest and enjoy trying to put that love into written form."
Aurora Austin *
born at the foot of the Rockies, looking back across the plains, now resides in Arizona.
James Autio
is an Anishinaabe / Finnish poet, painter, woodblock printer, guitarist, pianist. His work has won awards and accolades such as the Evelyn Apitz Morris Prize, the Eliza A. Drew Prize, the George Henry Bridgman Poetry Prize, and a Vermont Studio Center Fellowship. James lives peacefully with his wife, son, and cats in Minneapolis.
Amanda Ayers
has been a finalist for the James Hearst Poetry Prize, as well as The Poet’s Pen. She grew up near Kansas City, Missouri, and decided to return after spending five years in California, where she found a husband.
Reid Baer
an award-winning playwright for "A Lyon's Tale" (with productions in New York, Utah, Illinois and California), covers the crime beat for a North Carolina newspaper. He has a literary website dedicated to the interests of men: A Man Overboard.
Charles Baker
is a Christian, a husband, a father, a teacher, a writer, and a juggler. He has written a lot of poetry for adults, and has been published in several journals. His current projects include picture books and poetry books for children.
Richard Ballon
has had poetry published variously in the print world. He wrote and directed a six year project produced by a local access television station, a six part mini-series called Zephyr.
Allen Barnes
is a father, sculptor, singer/songwriter, and goatherd who teaches art to a myriad of children in central Texas.
Ron Baron
is a native Texan. With family and careers behind him, poetry and the Glory Of God have become his all consuming passions.
Christi Barrett
is a student in Kansas City.
Daniel Barrett
was born in Topeka, Kansas and lives in Colorado. He has "worked in corporate American cubes for 16 years."
Ron Beam
formerly managed a steelyard in Ohio but has moved to Brazil where he is a full time writer and photographer.
Dori Patterson Bearce
"At my house I have instructed various family members that when I die, they are to check every book, notebook, and scrap of paper before disposing of them. I have found forgotten and incomplete poetry in novels, texts, cook books, and stuffed under my nightstand. My need to write is what keeps me breathing."
Amanda Becker
is a student in Nebraska.
Chris Becker
is a sixth generation Californian living on the prairies of East Central Iowa. "I'm a produced playwright, an award-winning journalist and poet, and an ex-Hollywood comedy writer. I'm finishing my first poetry book and my first novel. I'm also the editor of the soon-to-be-launched literary e-zine The Redhawk Review, and the music e-zine Big Bad Beat. I record for as DJ Blurry Guy."
Samantha Bell
is a PhD candidate in creative writing at the University of Kansas where she has begun to explore the Midwestern landscape.
Alan Bender
has " lived on the plains for most of my life. Born here. Worked here. Loved here. Rejoiced here. I am a recovering engineer now retired from a daily commitment to university science and service. Poetry and the plains have been my abiding inspiration and now it is time to give something back as they say."
Karen Berry
was born in Minneapolis and lived in South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana, before moving to Portland, Oregon, where she works in communications. Her poetry has been published elsewhere, and she is currently at work on a novel.
Jon Bidwell
lives in Lawrence, Kansas.
Linda L. Bielowski
has published a chapbook, Spirit Echoes, and a full length book of poetry, Contemplative Persona. Her work has appeared in an array of journals, magazines, calendars, and anthologies throughout the US, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and India. She spends her leisure time studying the works of monastic Benedictines and of the Catholic Worker Movement and retreats to Michigan or Iowa, where she walks wilderness scapes and grasslands.
M.T. Bins
is a retired (broke) farmer who took up a cheap hobby. native of Illinois, has experienced the prairies, rivers, and woods.
Dave Bishop *
From his farm in central Illinois, he operates the RURAL IMAGE PRESS and a native prairie restoration business that grows, processes, and distributes native prairie plant seed for prairie resoration projects, large or backyard small. RURAL IMAGE publishes poetry and prose on earth related themes. Dave has a personal site at
John I. Blair **
was born in Kansas. His father's family homesteaded near Broken Bow, Nebraska, in the 1870s living in sod houses and dugouts. "Even though I have lived in cities all my life, the prairies are in my blood."
Gary Blankenship
is a retired financial manager living in Washington state. His work has appeared in several zines and mags in the USA and other countries. He edits the poetry pages of and is CEO and secretary for Santiam Publishing, which does limited edition chapbook runs and web publication. He wonders if he is "an editor with a poet rattling around inside or a poet with an editor trying to get out." He has "taught, moderated, judged and otherwise likely screwed up his brother and sister poets." His home page is
Susan Blight
was born and raised in Chicago in a succession of broken down old apartments and has spent her thirties on the high plains of North Dakota in a succession of broken down old homes.  She is a mother, writer, and expert drink pourer, with no plans of returning to civilization.
David Bond *
labored for 17 years in a coal mine. He works at Morris Library, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale where he is frustrated by the thousands of books surrounding him that he has no time to read. Published in various literary magazines, he has presented poetry programs at Binghamton University and The University of Tulsa, and won an Illinois Arts Council Artist Fellowship Award for 2001.
Joshua Borgmann
was raised in Nebraska and schooled in Iowa.
Serenity Borrowman
is a 1998 alumnus of the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and former member of the editorial staff of "Whetstone" - a literary magazine. After 20 years on the prairie she now lives and writes quietly in Nanaimo, B.C.
Kristy Bowen
lives in Chicago. She won the College Poetry Prize of the Academy of American Poets while at Rockford College, and she has an M.A. in English Literature from DePaul University.
J. Boychuk
moved to California from Alberta, Canada, to be married and find California densely populated with freeways. "I miss the open spaces and the clean air. I have been writing poetry most of my years as gifts and therapy."
Bob Bradshaw
is a big fan of the Rolling Stones, baseball, Buffalo Bill and the poetry of Robert Browning. Published in various journals, he received a 2005 Pushcart nomination from VLQ.
Janet Brennan
AKA J. B. Stillwater, is a writer and poet who lives in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband and a great gray cat named Amos. Her short stories, poetry and novels are widely published.
Laura Brighton
is a clinical social worker and mother of two. Writing poetry is her spiritual practice and a way to express her connection to landscape and to light.
Sally Broomfield
is a warrior, poet, philosopher, mother of three, baker of extraordinary chocolate chip cookies, lover of life.
Howard Brown
is married and lives in New York City. He and his wife enjoy classical music, good books past and present, fine art, their children, their grandchildren, their four parrots and walking in Manhattan. Mr. Brown, the systems manager for a printing company in New York, is a private pilot, and has seen several of his plays produced off off-Broadway and on commercial television.
Leah Browning *
is the author of two nonfiction books for teens and pre-teens and has published in various venues.   Over the course of her life, and especially during the four years she lived in Minnesota, she often visited the plains states.
Will Brulé **
has a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arkansas. He has been published in print as well as online. He was found in a card-board box in Tyler, Texas in 1943 and now lives in Palestine, Texas. He rides a Harley® and cooks Italian.
Cass Bruton
grew up on the farm her great-grandfather homesteaded in northwestern Kansas. She left rural Graham County for college and returned 33 years later. She worked for many of those intervening years at several universities, the last of which was just outside New York City.
Martha Sue Buckner
has been removed from the site for rudeness.
Inga Bukharova
came to the United States from Russia. She is a writer and a teacher with a Masters degree in creative writing, poetry, literature and translations (Russian - English).
Ryan A. Bunch
is a writer from the hill-less, soot-covered expanse of land in the northwest corner of Ohio known as Toledo. He is currently the Arts & Entertainment Editor at Toledo's finest and only alt-weekly newspaper, Toledo City Paper. He enjoys tennis, but isn't very good and never plays.
Judy Gaile Burgess
born in Alabama, has lived in the Land of Lincoln for half of her life, since 1973. A graduate of Auburn University, she credits her father for her introduction to the magic of words. A full time real estate agent for the past eleven years, Judy only recently returned to writing.
Mary Butler *
lives in Minneapolis where she writes surgical technique manuals for spine implants. She started a creative writing program at the Foundation for Immigrant Resources and Education in Saint Paul, and is at work on poems inspired by photographs of the universe by NASA.
Geraldine Moorkens Byrne
is a poet, writer and musician from Dublin Ireland. Published in several journals and anthologies, "my first love is poetry although I occasionally get distracted by other projects."
Cindy Calhoun
grew up on Illinois dairy farm, married, migrated to Iowa, and raised three musicians. Her poems are stories about people who worked and loved the land. "Even though I'm city bound, I find a toe dragging in the furrow."
Abigail B. Calkin
former editor of Inscape, Washburn University's literary magazine, now lives and writes in Alaska. Her novels, Nikolin and The Carolyne Letters are available from Vanessapress is publisher of a recent collection, Aceldama & Other Regions.
Hailey Campbell
made a difficult transition from her home state of California to graduate from the University of Nebraska and teach high school English in rural Western Kansas. Traveling with the Professional Bull Rider’s Association, she has a cowboy of her own. "I have seen many different places and met some unforgettable people, all due to my choice to follow through in this Midwestern lifestyle" though sometimes " the wind blows a little too hard, the ice is a little too slick, and the horizon is a little too flat."
Bill Carroll
teaches high school mathematics, and thus is allowed most of the summer to wander the backroads of Wisconsin, gathering burs on his cuffs, turning over decomposing logs looking for long-lost relations, chewing on juicy grass stems, trying to figure out just exactly what squirrels might be up to. He has previously been published in several journals.
Brooks Carver
Brooks Carver is a farmer, a writer of historical fiction and a poet from Illinois.
John Cassens
receives inspiration from the Loess Hills of Western Iowa.
Clark Chatlain
lives and works in Missoula, Montana, where he is a contributing editor for the literary journal Cutoff Mountain.
Herb Church
lives in Tennessee. Married now, he used to ride the rodeo circuit.
Mike Cluff
teaches English at Riverside Community College in Southern California. He has read in seven states, published eight chapbooks and is a member of the multi-racial performance poetry group called Second Shadow.
Shaila Cockar
attends a small Christian liberal arts college in Illinois. Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, she summers in South Dakota.
Joe Coffey *
lives with his wife and three children in a part of Illinois where prairie and woodland once melted into one another. He served as judge for the 1996 Prairie Poetry Peer Awards.
A.W. (Bill) Coleman
grew up in Topeka. "I love, not only the expanse of the plains, but also the details, such as a mated pair of hawks working a field, or the sound of bob white at sunset. I like the feel of the wind on my face just before a storm and the scent of the rain in the air as it approaches unhindered."
Ashley Coleman *
is a college student at Brigham Young University and a farmer at heart.  "I'm the youngest child and that says everything."
Job C. Conger, IV
is a freelance journalist, poet and folksinger who lives in his home town of Springfield, Illinois. He has published two books of poetry, Minstrel's Ramble in 1996 and Wit's End in 1999.
Christopher Cook
was raised in Northeast Texas and Oklahoma. He is a writer and painter. Though away for many years, the big flat land still haunts him. More can be seen at
Don Coonrod
whose parents were both born on the prairies, is a semiretired physician who focuses his spare time on genealogy and poetry.
Heather Knowles Cottington *
lives in Iowa. "I feel my work represents a 'slice of life' rather than making world-shattering statements."
Terry Cox-Joseph
is a former reporter and editor and has published one nonfiction book, Adjustments (see Bookstore). Coordinator for the annual Christopher Newport University Writers' Conference and Contest, she has had articles, poetry and fiction published in numerous magazines.She is working on a medical thriller and a young adult novel.
Jennifer Crivlare
is a 28-year-old Air Force Veteran currently living in Iowa City, IA. She has writes to pass the time since a debilitating form of epilepsy disabled her from a “normal” life. Her essays and poetry have been published in several journals.
Alberta Crosby
grew up on a small farm in rural Alberta, Canada.  She writes about the influences of her childhood and the everyday experiences of growing up in a large family.  Alberta lives in a small town and is an instructor at an agricultural college. 
Bridgette Crosby
was raised in Colorado and has always had a love for wide open spaces. As a child she spent a lot of time with her family traveling and visiting the plains and prairies of Wyoming, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska. She is a Christian, mother, writer, poet and artist.
Cesar A. Cruz
is a poet, educator and human rights activist. His life is dedicated to fighting injustice. My "role is a simple one;’To comfort the disturbed, and to disturb the comfortable.’ Nothing more, and nothing less!"
Pat Daneman
is a writer, editor, and business manager. Originally from Long Island, New York, she has lived in Kansas for 13 years. "I have published fiction and poetry in several small journals, including Midwest Quarterly and Indiana Review."
Marsha K. Davis
is a former elementary teacher born and raised in central Illinois. Now living in Florida with her husband and their two teenagers, she enjoys creating, crafting, sewing, painting, sculpting, and weaving. She especially enjoys writing children's books, poetry, and essays. Much of her works of art she shares as gifts to family, friends, and students, She has been published in several online poetry journals and in magazines.
Sam B. Davis
spent years drifting about as photographer, fortune teller, santa claus, axe thrower, jewelry seller, and janitor before settling on the equally unprofitable act of writing poetry. He won the Ostrowski award in 1998 for best essay writing at UIS, and his poems have appeared in numerous publications. He has seven chapbooks of collected poems.
William Davis
was born and raised in the North Platte Valley and the Sand Hills of Nebraska. He resides in Pocatello, Idaho where he teaches 7th grade English while his writing returns to the plains and prairie. Bill's personal lair is at
Carol Dejka
was born on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.She has live in Seattle and aboard several boats, and cruised the inside passage. She has been a sailmaker, handtroller, and a deck hand on a commercial fishing boat. She raises her daughter alone and works in tourism in Alaska.
Drew de Man
is from Georgia, paints houses, and plays in a rock-n-roll band that tours frequently in the Midwest. It was this way that he first visited the prairie. He is an amateur botanist and is particularly interested in restoring prairie ecosystems.
Ronald J. DeSantis
is a poet, author, and historian.
Carol Desjarlais
lives in Alberta. She is a teacher who retrieves troubled youth, a counselor, a woman of Native American heritage, a soul seeker, the mother of seven and a sister of the earth. "I write for no other reason than to express how the world has affected, and affects, me."
Will Dixon
"Where I've been (and where I'm going) and the people I've known along the way are more important than who I am; in fact, they have made me who I am, or at least who I could be if I had had more common sense." He lives in Florida on the Spacecoast, and spent time in Mississippi, Germany, Texas, and Australia."
Sara Donnelly
attends high school in New Jersey after living much of her life in Kansas. Memories of prairies and family farms "fuel much of my poetry. It's lovely here, too, but the landscape doesn't feed the soul as the prairies do."
Sharon Drummond
died in January 2005. She lived in Calgary, Alberta and taught poetry courses and creative writing workshops. Her poems appeared in literary magazines and were broadcast on CBC Radio. She published three books of poetry: Still the Rush, and Into This Room, and a third awaiting publication. Sharon served as judge for the 1998 Prairie Poetry Peer Awards.
Vicki Goodfellow Duke *
lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she teaches and writes poetry. Her work has recently been featured in several magazines and she was a Finalist for the 2004 Shaunt Basmajian Chapbook Award.
Marc duPlan *
edits Prairie Poetry under a family name that means, 'of the plain'. "The poetic vision of prairie people is exciting. My wife started writing about the land when we moved there. I thought there might be a lot of writing going on out there, and that if it had a home it would grow and encourage others." After living 14 years in Kansas he moved to Denver, where the prairie ends.
Jo-Anne Dusel
lives in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, the heart the Canadian Prairie. "The best thing about living on the prairie? You can watch your dog run away for three days."
Leon Elam
is just a former desert lad from Seeley, California, a part of The Anza Borrego desert.
Trista Petra Emmer
is a 24 year old native Utahn. She lives in Rose Canyon, Utah and works at a daycare in the nearby city of Midvale. When she isn't traveling, volunteering or teaching pre-school, Trista attends the University of Utah."
Glen Enloe
is a copywriter for a rural real estate company in Missouri. His work has appeared in various publications. He authored the chapbook After Eden, won the David Ray Award and was nominated for the 2001 Pushcart Press Award.
Duane Esarey
born and raised in central Illinois, is an archaeologist and a water gardener. "My perspectives come from the time beyond people and life as reflected in water (in that order). I am a father of four teenagers and I am a husband."
Meagan Evans *
was born in East Texas and immigrated to the far Northwest where she is majoring in Creative Writing and Spanish at Western Washington University. If the rain has it's way she'll turn into Edgar Allen Poe any day now.
James A. Felson
was raised on a grain farm that fronted on the North Dakota side of the Red River. He worked in the central region of the United States and then retired to California.
Ruben Fernandez
a native Spaniard from Barcelona, is a graduate student in Lawrence, University of Kansas. "My gut pushes me to incorporate my Spanish background mingled with my English voluntary cultural submersion in the poetry that I write. When I do that, I feel that two giants begin fighting, and after a while a peaceful weariness reconciles them in writing."
Gail Ficher
lives on a dairy in Tillamook, Oregon
L. Mark Finch
is a native Hoosier who enjoys gardening and bicycling, among other things.
Adrian Fisher
lives with her husband and children in an Illinois town that 150 years ago was a region of mixed tall grass prairie and oak savannah, but is now known as a birthplace of prairie-style architecture. She teaches, writes, and works with a savannah restoration group.
Justin Fisher
is a United Methodist pastor, husband, father of three teens, and a former missionary in the country of Peru. "When I'm home in Indiana, I root for the Hoosiers!"
John Flaherty
lives on the plains of central Nebraska. He is a father of three sons and works in the healing professions. A refugee from the east coast, he’s just happy to be here.
Loren Flynn *
lives in Montana, "where on some mornings I can watch the moon roll off the mountains toward the plains."
Matt Ford
is lost.
Thomas Fortenberry
is an American author, editor, reviewer, and publisher. Owner of Mind Fire Press, he has judged many literary contests, including The Georgia Author of the Year Awards and The Robert Penn Warren Prize for Fiction. His award-winning work has appeared internationally in a variety of publications.
Bruce Foster
is a retired teacher, originally from "very rural" Saskatchewan, who now mourns the slow death of an early prairie way of life.
Ann Fowler
lives under the Kansas sky, walks on black earth and prairie grasses and wonders what spirits live on the winds. Kansas Authors Club Vice-President, she has better luck finding a home for her poetry and short stories than for the six novels under her bed!
Anne Fraser
grew up near Wichita. "Although I have lived in Washington State for many years, memories of the mid-west and the sense of the people who live there, have never diminished." Her website is 
Wendy Friedmeyer
Born in Iowa, raised in Minnesota, she is a writer, parent, student and gardener.
Danielle Friesen-Bethune
was born and raised on a farm outside of Henderson, Nebraska. She enjoys teaching at a rural Nebraska school and fears where today's "bigger is better" policies may take quality education in the future. She is an avid photographer and writer. She and her husband have a two-year-old son. Danielle believes it truly does "take a village to raise a child."
Corrine Frisch
lives in Springfield, Illinois where she works as the Public Relations Officer at Lincoln Library, and has published a chapbook, Poetry's Embrace.
Vaughn Fritts
grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1976, and has published before.
Rich Furman
is an assistant professor in the School of Social Work at Colorado State University. His poetry has been published widely. His scholarly writing is concerned with social work ethics, international social work, friendship, social work theory and social work practice. He is slightly obsessed with his two American Bull dogs. His first book of poetry, of only average intent, was published in 2002.
John Gallagher
grew up in the dirt and manure of a hardscrabble one-section farm in the foothills drained by the James River. A community journalist for 15 years, he won several North Dakota Newspaper Association peer awards for feature writing and agriculture reporting. He is now a home missionary for Child Evangelism Fellowship.
K. Gallagher
is a poet with a strong caffeine addiction, and the mother of Kimberly Anne. The doctor pronounced her a boy at birth, but quickly changed his mind.
Pat Galvin
was born in Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland where the prairies seem very far away "but I've always loved the wide open feel of the westerns I watched as a boy. He has published in various journals.
Melanie Gatchell
lives in Granite Falls, MN and is a poet and photographer who teaches Creative Writing and Composition at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, MN.
Pam Gebhard
is writing a memoir and continues to write poetry. Willa Cather was her first inspiration to come West and crossing from Nebraska into Colorado's Pawnee National Grasslands "still evokes strong memories for me, an East Coast girl."
Greg German
Greg German, a Kansas native, was once a farmer/stockman, then a high school English teacher and basketball coach. Now he is a creative consultant, web page designer, and free-lance writer, whose time is also consumed by the challenges of his 5-year-old son, as his wife consults across the USA.
Thomas Golden
grew up under the austere guises of Catholic nuns and the slow heat of a gravity furnace on Kansas City's North East side. Thus prepared to fight in Desert Storm, he now teaches (high school composition and American lit.) and is a graduate student at the University of Nebraska.
Howard Good
who taught journalism at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and now teaches it at SUNY New Paltz, is the author of the poetry chapbook, Death of the Frog Prince (FootHills Publishing, 2004). His poems have appeared in numerous journals and e-zines.
Todd Goodson
was born in Missouri and currently lives and teaches in Manhattan, Kansas
Peter Gorham
"Living fifty-seven years on the American prairie has molded me like a poem: I am concise and to the point while being evasive and elliptical. When I rhyme I am metered and disciplined. But I can also be lyrical and free."
RCJ Graves
dissertating for a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Writing from Bowling Green to be completed in May, 2009, holds an MFA in Poetry from Wichita State.
James Green
teaches at Azusa Pacific University where he also serves as Director of the Center for Research on Ethics and Values. Published in various journals, he and his wife reside in Highland, California.
Rosemary Griebel *
attributes her appreciation of light, space and language to growing up on the Canadian prairie. As a writer by night, and a Librarian by day, she promotes literacy and a passion for the word.
Ken Grimme
lives in Upstate New York and works for a major insurance company. He prefers "...old style story telling poetry. Years ago I gave up trying to be commercial, now I simply enjoy the writing and having it read."
Nat Hardy
originally from the Alberta prairies, recently completed an MFA in poetry at Louisana State University and is now a visiting professor of English and Creative Writing at Oklahoma State University. He is the former editor of the New Delta Review, a reader for The Exquisite Corpse, and is currently a staff member of the Cimarron Review. His creative and scholarly work has appeared in journals in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.
Craig Harkema
is a writer and archivist/librarian living in Saskatoon.
Brwyn Harris
has long been intrigued by the shifting perscectives of space within the plains, and the way this has influenced poetry and literature.  Currently earning an MFA of Poetry at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, Brwyn hails from a tiny town in Sequim, Washington.
Victor Harrison
is an English major at the University of Dayton.
Marvin Hass
is a retired Cooperative CEO and International Consultant.  He has been published in several western publications and can be heard on KHEN & KVRH in Salida, CO. and KSIR in Fort Morgan, CO.
Betty Lou Hebert
is married and lives with her husband and youngest son, in the country east of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. A ham radio operator, she has "written poetry since a young girl and started submitting for publication in l984. I have around 600 poems published in a variety of magazines and small press publications."
J. Anthony Heck
studied screenwriting at NYU.
Billenda Hemeyer
is a 50-year old teacher from Texarkana, whose drive "from East Texas up through Amarillo and then on to Colorado or Wyoming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember."
Mary Herbert
originally from St. Louis, Missouri, now teaches writing at several colleges and universities in New York City. Widely published in a variety of literary journals in the USA and overseas, her first collection of poems was published last year by Ginninderra Press in Australia.
Dale K. Hermann
His first love is Wyoming and he's been writing poetry "for too long to remember."
J.D. Heskin *
is married, with children whom now have their own children. He lives in Duluth, and, in his heart lives on the North Dakota prairies where he was born and raised. He is published both on and off line.
Mary Hilke
born in North Dakota, lives on a lake near International Falls, MN and looks across the lake to Canada.
A. Dale Hilliard
is a retired, Korea veteran, born and raised in central Iowa. He spent youthful summers with grandparents near the Meskawki Indian settlement. Influenced by grandfather Eli, he now devotes his time nuturing three loves: "my poetry, my oil painting and my life long partner, my wife."
Joan Hoekstra *
is a retired denturist living in Calgary. She began creative writing in 1985, and her work has appeared in several journals.
Joan Hoffman
, the recipient of the 2006 Mari Sandoz Award, is an 80 plus year old ranch wife at the Lazy Horseshoe Ranch, Clearwater, Nebraska. Poetry is her "strong hold on life and dreams and faith."
M.E. Hope
lives and writes in Southern Oregon’s high desert returning in 2002 after 20 years of wandering the world. She was a 2001 Fishtrap fellow and has been published in various journals. She lives in the country with her husband, two exceptional (and very teen) children, five cats and coyotes who howl “here kitty, kitty” each morning.
Joan Munn Hopkins
"My childhood home was in the dunes of Nebraska's Sandhills. One of the ironies of living in that parched land, was the cool sweetness of the Ogallala Acquafer which lies below. The windmills which drew water to the surface were essential to life for all who live there, animal and human. Today, I live within a mile of the Platte River. It has a huge subterrainian system that traverses the state of Nebraska. I use both poetry and journaling for self awareness and in my practice of psychotherapy."
John Horváth, Jr.
"writes from 'inside the sinner' where events are experienced, history becomes, and memory shields." His poems focus on the strange and stranger among us.
Hazel Smith Hutchinson
lives in Salina, Kansas, with her husband and two teenage sons. Spends spare time reading, writing poetry and attending kids' activities. She has published in several journals. She has a website for women at
Annette Marie Hyder
makes her home in Youbetchaitscoldhere, Minnesota. Being from Florida originally, she will never accept that Minnesota winters are not cruel and unusual. She is of French and Irish descent -- and she thinks that it shows. An editor and freelance writer, she pursues le bon mot. Her writing credits encompass a range of genres, including but not limited to, magazine articles, short stories, viewpoint columns, interviews, flash fiction and poetry. She sees life as a poem that is constantly altering its form to accommodate one's world view/experiences: sometimes a sonnet, sometimes haiku, sometimes graffiti on a wall. Her review can be found at
Courtney Ivey
is from Arlington, Texas but lives now in Hattiesburg Mississippi. She is in pursuit of a MA in creative writing.
Robert Jackson
in his 60s and married for over 40 years. Retired, he lives on a small farm in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas where he raises a garden each year and start most of his plants from seed.
Terry Jacobus
studied writing with Gwendolyn Brooks and Ed Dorn at Northeastern IL University in Chicago. "I was the first World Heavyweight Champion poet at the Taos Poetry Circus defeating Gregory Corso in 1982."
Harold Janzen
writes "from the southern prairie of Manitoba...from the fringe of field and riparian corridor...the dead horse creek meandering thru the back yard. My work with arboriculture and horticulture are constantly finding the way into my poetry."
Janet Jarvis-Long
is a lecturer/advisor/graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she received her B. A. in 1998. She has an M. F. A. from the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa. She is currently working on a poetry manuscript and a short story manuscript.
Joseph John
is a writer and college student out of the suburbs of Philadelphia. "I believe it is important to reflect the counter views while I still have the chance. Lord knows I'll become a old, conserative republican soon enough!" He has a web site at
Hope L. Johnson
is a life-long plains dweller and delights in writing poetry, short stories, and screenplays. She finds time to write between her two full-time jobs: mother and instructor.
Lois P. Jones
Lois P. Jones' work has been variously published. She collaborated with Deborah Levasseur Lottman for her graduate thesis--a synthesis of modern dance, poetry, photography and sound. She was also selected
as one of the Regional Poets in the 2005 Ojai Poetry Festival and is a Workshop Moderator at
Mark Jones
is a third generation forty-two year old farmer and rancher on the high plains of Eastern Colorado. "My family has farmed the same ground for over 65 years, along the banks of the Arikaree River. God's county, but you have to wrestle the devil for it."
David Joseph
was schooled at USC and Harvard, and now teaches at Pepperdine University and lives in Los Angeles, CA with my wife Karen and my son Jackson. His work has appeared in various journals.
Joel Jupp
earned his master's degree from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, and has lived in Illinois and Indiana for 24 years.  He enjoys experimenting with poetic forms, touring as an independent musician, and volunteering at several local churches.
Debra Kaufman *
is an Illinois native who lives in Mebane, North Carolina. Her poems have appeared in scores of journals and anthologies. She is author of A Certain Light and Still Life Burning.
Clyde Kessler *
lives in SW Virginia and grew up a few miles from Goblintown Creek. "Most of my kin folk are farmers or the children of farmers. I have a few relatives in Kansas, Indiana and Colorado. At one time these folks were farming folk too. I don't know now. Anyway the small farm way of life as it changes and disappears haunts me and will keep on haunting me."
Bonnie Kilgore
is a fifth-generation Nebraskan, pure prairie-bred. "My grandmother was raised in a soddy, broke horses and plowed. I was born in a three-room house with 'outdoor plumbing.' I ended up in Los Angeles, where I write and teach and make my living as a consultant. I'll probably never return to Nebraska or the prairie I loved, but I know I'll never escape it either."
Robert E. Kogan
died in 2000. He was born in Wichita and published a fair bit of poetry. At times, he found it difficult to be productive while living in rural America but stayed connected through the web.
Paul Kloppenborg *
works as a Librarian at a University Library in Melbourne, Australia, when not writing poems. He has seen publication in a number of paper and electronic journals around the world. Paul is the Fiction Editor of Recursive Angel and List Administrator of "The Muse," an Internet poetry workshop.
Carol La Foret
who lives with her husband and two children in Bucks County, PA, graduated from Houghton College. Published widely, she taught several years before homeschooling her children.
Don Lang
husband and grandfather, lives in his native Minnesota. He loves to write poetry and fiction for fun.
Elisabeth Lee **
has been publishing her poetry for too many years to bother counting. She published two chap books in 1997, Stones Leap, and Spirit Paths. Presently she lives in Kansas. Her book review site is located at Her women's detective mystery, For Glory, is available at
Robert Edson Lee
was born in Iowa, lived in Nebraska, and died in Colorado in 1977 with his back to the mountains. His publications include The Dialogues of Lewis And Clark, An Epic History.
Gary Lehman
teaches writing and poetry at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His essays, poetry and short stories are widely published. He is the director of the Athenaeum Poetry group and author of a book of poetry entitled Public Lives and Private Secrets [Foothills Press, 2005].  His poem Reporting from Fallujah was nominated for the 2006 Pushcart Prize.  His short play, My Health Care Worker Stole My Jewelry was selected for professional production in January 2006 at Geva Theatre, Rochester, NY. Visit his website at
Alex Lemon
lives in St. Paul Minnesota, where he unloads semis in the dark hours of the morning. His work has previously appeared in several publications.
Robert Littler
teaches eighth grade language arts in Clive, Iowa having spent most of his life on the front range and plains of Colorado where he was a fellow of the Rocky Mountain Writing Project.
Claudia Loomis *
grew up on a 7,000 acre farm and ranch in western Nebraska. During the farming crisis of the 1980's, her family was forced to sell out after 100 years of living on the land. Claudia now resides east of Lincoln and is a mother of an eight-month-old son and an English Second Language teacher.
Michael Loose
was moved by a woman to write before moving from Las Vegas to Sioux City, Iowa.
Terry Lowenstein
lives in North Carolina with her husband, two daughters, and two cats-Dickens and Emerson. Her day job is writing magazine and newspaper articles that include personal essays, travel articles and book reviews. A well published writer her work appears in anthologies, journals, magazines and newspapers throughout the United States and internationally.
Lola L. Lucas
 is the author of At Home in the Park: Loving a Neighborhood Back to Life about Springfield, IL in general and the Enos Park area in particular. Her poetry has been published in various journals.
Rhonda Foss Lundquist
lives in Minnesota where her interests are the poetry of witness and poetry which honors farm and land. She channels the lives of her prairie ancestors through her poetry and finds her inspiration looking out over the fields.
Stacy Magerkurth
is an actress working in Chicago.
Raymond Maher
lives on the prairies of Saskatchewan. Having grown up on a farm (and will never get it out of his soul) he has a passion for the open spaces and the beautiful, prairie sky.
Carol Manley
has lived all her life in Illinois. She works as a computer programmer, and recently earned an M.A. in English from the University of Illinois at Springfield. She received the 1995 Friends of Lincoln Library Writer of the Year Award for Poetry.
Rick Marlatt
is a middle school English teacher from Kearney, Nebraska and a MA Creative Writing student at the University of Nebraska en route to an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California Riverside at Palm Desert.
Graham Marlowe
is a college student in De Pere, WI, double-majoring in Music and English with creative writing emphasis.  He enjoys playing the piano, reading, writing, movies, PC games, having long intellectual/philsophical conversations, traveling, connecting with people, connecting with people, concerts, etc.
Raymond D. Marshall
was born and raised in Indiana, educated in Illinois, taught in Minnesota, and is almost retired in Montana. He writes poetry,
short stories, and essays mainly about the harsh reality of people living in rural America either on farms or in small towns.
Jay Marvin
has published three books of poetry and prose. "I publish on the net like crazy and have just finished an avant-garde crime novel from Spectrum, on computer disc."
Fran Masat
raised and educated in the Midwest, moved to Key West after 26 years as a professor. He enjoys volunteer work and the Key West Poetry Guild. His work appears in various mags and ezines.
Frank Mathias
lives in Iowa. "I enjoy writing, traveling, and trying to look farther than I can see."
A.J. McClanahan
is a journalist originally from Nebraska who came to Alaska in 1982. Author of several books, she served as publisher and president of the Tundra Times from 1986 until 1991. Under her direction, the newspaper focused much of its attention on promoting sobriety within Alaska. A member of the Cook Inlet Historical Society Board of Directors, she is working on her master's degree in a self-directed program at Alaska Pacific University, and she writes poetry and is an avid knitter.
Billie McCorkle
grew up in a small rural town in Indiana and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in journalism and U.S. history.
Suzanne McHargue-Lange
resides in Northern California with her husband and daughter. Currently she works with visually impaired children and in her spare time, enjoys hiking in the foothills and high mountain regions of the Sierra Nevada's.
Dean Morrison McKenzie
After nearly forty years teaching high school in four or five different prairie villages and cities, Saskatchewan-born McKenzie recently released the CD "Prairie Hejira", a compilation of his performance poems.
Robert McManes
of Scranton Kansas, is a member of the Kansas Author's Club,and author of several books of poetry.
Tim McMillan
writes in English, Spanish, and German.
Jenna McMullan
is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has seen the prairies only from a plane ride. 
Stephen Meats
a native Kansan, has taught literature at Pittsburg State University since 1979. Author of Looking for the Pale Eagle (1993) He has been poetry editor of The Midwest Quarterly since 1985.
Martha Meek
is a mother, grandmother, a retired school teacher, and a lover of the land: "prairies and lakes that extend with glory in all directions here in Minnesota."
Marion Merrill
was born in Nebraska and lived in Hot Springs, South Dakota, before moving to California. An anthropology and english major, Marion's poetry has been published both on and off line.
Joyce Middlestead *
was born and raised on the Alberta prairie. She has written poetry for fun and little profit most of her life.
Caroline Miller
grew up in Ohio, traveled East for university, and now lives in Brooklyn. Her work has been published both off-line and on.
Harry Miller
born in Wisconsin, lived, educated and taught in Nebraska, is with the American University in Cairo.  "The hopeful clarity of expression, direct wisdom, restraint and a sense of humor are from my prairie upbringing and populistic education."
Nelson Miller
recently retired after 35 years of college teaching and returned to poetry writing after a 30-year hiatus.
Katie Mills
of Glenwood, Iowa, is a wife, mother, community actress, and personal poet. "Life -- what a Grand Adventure, don't you think??? "
O. Renee Minium
is from a farm on the High Plains of Kansas." Morland, my hometown is miniscule and to work you have to leave-it's like stepping out of a previous generation, maybe even a century. I live in Austin Texas now and work as an account manager for a financial publishing company."
Norman Minnick
is an art director and poet. He was born in Kentucky and has a wife and daughter. He has worked in every sort of job from a tobacco farm to a pillow factory to a butcher shop. Minnick has published in a variety of journals.
Brian Minturn
is a regional sales representative for Marriott International, and a part-time Writer's Workshop student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
Neal Monroe
is a Texas born entrepreneur and businessman with interests ranging from clean energy technology to software, and editor of the online writing blog Barcid Homily.
Farzana Moon
is a Pakistani, now a U.S. citizen. Her recent publications include First Moghul Saga, In the Land of Cain, by Atlantic Publishers.
George Moore
teaches writing and literature at the University of Colorado, Boulder and is broadly published.  He has been a finalist for the 2007 Richard Snyder Memorial Prize from Ashland Press, the National Poetry Series, the Brittingham Poetry Award, and the Anhinga Poetry Prize. He is writing a guide to motorcycling called The Lone Rider's Guide to the American West.
Evelyn Moos
lives "in a small town in Kansas between two wild life preserves and spend most of my days reading, writing, and enjoying life in general. All around me, there is poetry in motion."
Daniel Thomas Moran *
is Poet Laureate of Suffolk County, NY the birthplace of Whitman. His sixth collection, "Farnan's Well" will be published by The University of Salzburg in early 2006. He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize on three occasions and he is a practicing dentist on Shelter Island in New York.
Jolene Moseman
was born and raised and continues to live in Nebraska, raising her own family of four children and three cats.
Ian Mosher
of Hutchinson, Kansas, studies Koreanat the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. An Army enlistee, he writes "as often as words allow."
Maureen Mullin
grew up in a very small town in Iowa - Whittemore - population 530. "It seems to me that it had much to do with the kind of person I became." Now living in Virginia, she's a full time health educator and part time poet. "Even though I am far away from Iowa, I think of it often, go back for annual visits and always seem to wind up there in my dreams."
Margaret S. Mullins
lives and writes in Maryland, but her heart is still tied to the Midwest, where she grew up.  She studied international public health at Johns Hopkins and writing at the University of Maryland and has worked in health projects, public affairs and housing rehabilitation in the U.S. and Latin America.
Eunice Doman Myers
received her PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is chair of Modern and Classical languages and Literatures at Wichita State University and director of the WSU Summer Program in Puebla, Mexico. Her research interests include contemporary prose fiction of Spain. Dr. Myers is at work on a study of the novels of Rosa Montero.
Jesse Zerger Nathan *
is a poet and photographer based in Lawrence, Kansas.  He lives with five other folks in a communal house and does odd jobs ranging from contracting to coffee-drink making.  Born in Berkeley, he has lived in Guatemala, Israel and on a farm near McPherson, Kansas.
Joan Newton
, a Canadian writer of short stories, plays and poetry,  lives in Winnipeg where she writes about both urban and the rural settings, exploring their connections.
Winston Nielson
"Like I said, I've got about 100 pieces put together, along the lines of religion, politics, misc. Mostly "western" or "cowboy" stuff. This one won a sweepstakes award at our county fair."
Robert H. Nunnally, Jr.
is an attorney who lives north of Dallas, on the bottom edge of the southern Blackland Prairie. Published in a number of places, "the prairie transition zone in which I live provides me with great hiking and much space for thought."
Scott Odom
teaches English at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He was raised between Princeton, Illinois and Chicago.
Jim O'Loughlin
is host of the Final Thursday Reading Series in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and publisher of Final Thursday Press . His work has been featured in various mags and ezines.
Peter Ooley
is from Minneapolis.  An actor and director of the stage and screen, he writes poetry, short stories and screenplays.
Bruce Owens
lives in Los Angeles. He has been a guest lecturer at various colleges in California, lecturing on the nature of the creative process, and has conducted poetry workshops, "mainly with young adults, especially those struggling with various addictions or having come from an abusive household, using poetry as an instrument of discovery both self, and as an entry into the world around us."
Stephen Page
is from Michigan.  He studied literature and writing at Columbia University and Bennington College.  He teaches world literature at a private high school and manages a ranch/farm.
Shari Paget
is a teacher, farmwife, and mother. "I've never lived outside of Kansas, and I don't intend to ever move. I enjoy photography, writing, reading, and socializing."
Marcy L. Palk
a data processor, specializes in computer graphics presentations. She enjoys her two horses and her daughter, Teddy.
Karen Bingham Pape
is a writer and teacher in west Texas. She has published poetry with a variety of presses and presented her work at various writers' conferences.
George Pasley
is a Presbyterian minister serving two rural churches in eastern Kansas. Prior to becoming a minister he was a sheep shearer, and still shears a few to pass the time.
Bliss Patterson
is mother to 4 great kids and a wonderful dog from Chesapeake, VA. Her deep ties to the midwest (with family still residing in Central Illinois) originate with her grandfather, the past editor of a small town newspaper in Montgomery County, IL and published author himself.
Naomi Patterson *
is a recently retired child psychologist in Topeka, KS. In addition to poetry, she writes a monthly column for the Topeka Capital Journal. Naomi served as judge for the 1997 Prairie Poetry Peer Awards.
Susan Phillips
was born, raised and educated on the Alberta Prairies, spent childhood summers in Redcliff Alberta and lives in Calgary. She has published in a variety of publications and is in the process of completing a first collection of poetry.
Dorothy J. Pike
was born and raised in a small town in rural Minnesota, near a sacred quarry out of which Native Americans obtained the soft, red rock used for traditional peace pipes. "Living at the eastern edge of high-grass prairie lands gives me the urge to gaze westward across the wide ocean of grass to find inspiration in the richness of peace that can be found here."
Karsten Piper *
teaches college writing and wields a mechanical pencil of her own in Worthington, Minnesota.
Siobhan Pitchford
a writer of poetry and prose, has three chapbooks of poetry published as well as a collection of sonnets written with her husband. She lives in central Illinois where she is very active in the Poets & Writers Literary Forum of Springfield.
Michael Ponsford
was born in Wales, and received a PhD from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. He has taught at the British campus of the Univesity of Evansville, at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where he was Fulbright Scholar in Residence, and currently at Marlborough College. His poetry and short stories have appeared widely in British magazines, and a children's story, "Bessemer" was published by Gwasg Gomer in Wales in 1999.
Adrian S. Potter
is a lifelong Midwesterner, who won the 2003 Langston Hughes Poetry Contest and the 2006 Cervená Barva Press Short Story Prize.
Luke A. Powers
teaches English and Folklore at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. He is married to Jackie O'Keefe and has an infant daughter Phoebe.
Vess Quinlan
lives in Colorado where he has been writing poetry since confined for nearly a year with polio in 1951. His work has been published in various journals.
Aja Rajendran
Is from Bombay, India.
Luba Rascheff
is an Illinois native and a Harvard graduate. She writes poetry, children's stories and novels.
Tara-Lei Read
a single mother and Athabasca University graduate grew up in the Peace Country. "I "can never leave the North."
Arvin Reder
born on the Prairies in southern Manitoba Canada, spent 26 years in the Air Force and then 10 years working at an airport in the Canadian Arctic. Married 37 years with 2 children and 2 grandchildren, he lives in Winnipeg.
Shelly Reed
studied Creative Writing at Drake University. She has had poems appear with various publications and Shelly publishes a monthly column for The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature under the guise of "Lil Earlene". She is a native of Iowa, "where they do strange things with corn."
Tisha Reese
lives in Cheyenne Wyoming where she lives her life on the range.
Mark Reimer
lives in Bothell, Washington, was born in Texas and grew up in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. He has published chapbooks entitled Folkways and Oklahoma and is at work on two more. He also plays a pretty lousy guitar on occasion .
Fritz Reinhart
born in Milwaukee in 1945, is a lighting designer for contemporary dance and music. For the last 25 years he has lived and worked in France.
Lora K. Reiter
was born on a farm in Jewell County, Ks., and graduated from grade school in a class of four. A professor of English at Ottawa University, she considers the Flint Hills of Kansas the most geautiful geography in the world and horses and dogs the two perfect creations. She has three collections of poetry, a novel, a play, and a collection of prose.
Elizabeth Reninger
lives in Boulder, Colorado, where she practices the Daoist arts of acupuncture, tuina, qigong and poetry. Her first full-length collection of poems - And Now The Story Lives Inside You - was published in 2005 by WovenWord Press. Her website is
Thomas Reynolds
teaches at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. His work, which combines interests in history and folklore, has been published by a variety of publications.
Don Richmond
an affirmed flatlander who writes almost exclusively about the Midwest, is published in varied magazines, and has a chapbook, Some Conversations with an old Man. He has taught and coached at Elm Creek, Nebraska for the past 27 years.
Paige Riehl
teaches English at Anoka Ramsey Community College. She is a poet, fiction writer, traveler, wife, cat lover, and rock and roll fan (although not necessarily in that order). Originally from South Dakota, she now lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her poetry and nonfiction have appeared in a variety of journals and magazines.
Donna Ritchley
lives on a sailboat on the Intercoastal Waterway in central Florida.
Matthew Campbell Roberts
graduated from Western Washington University.  He works as a Fisheries Technician and spends his free time around rivers holding a fly rod. His work has appeared in various publications ahd he was awarded the Sue C. Boynton poetry prize
Andrés Rodríguez
the author of Night Song (Tia Chucha Press) and Book of the Heart: The Poetics, Letters, and Life of John Keats (Lindisfarne Press). Published in various reviews and journals, he is also the 2007 winner of the Maureen Egan Writers Exchange Award in poetry sponsored by Poets & Writers.
Peter Ross-Gotta
has for nine years served as the Director of Chaplaincy at Menninger in Topeka, Kansas that is in the thros of closing. "As I have turned aside to see the bush which burns and is not consumed, I have found a holy ground upon which to feed my soul. There are those who see the bush burn, and run for cover. I ran from poetry at first because too much is not clearly determined with explicit directions and signs. My soul now is learning to find comfort in unknown known."
Donna Ryan
lives in Indianapolis.
Allan Safarik
lives in the 100 year old Jacoby house in Dundurn, Saskatchewan, small prairie town 42k south of Saskatoon on the number 11 highway. He is the author of a number of poetry books.
Dana Salvador
was raised on a family farm in the Northeastern corner of Colorado.
David Sander-Ladd
homesteads with his wife and seven children in a ghost-town on the open Manitoba prairie. Strong advocates of the back-to-the-land movement, they are renovating the former Belleview Church into their home.
Doug Schaak
grew up in North Dakota and teaches college writing and literature in Portland, Oregon. "I too love the prairie lands of America and
think of them often."
Vernon Schmid
was born in Kansas. A member of Western Writers of America and a 2004 nominee for Poet Laureate of Maryland, Vernon Schmid is a novelist, prize winning poet and syndicated columinist whose "Horse Sense" column reaches 40,000 readers in all fifty states and twenty four foreign countries. Newest Book - Cherokee Myth and Legend: An Interpretation
John Schmoyer
lives in Pennsylvania. He is a long time high school teacher and poet who has published variously in both print and electronic publications.
Larry Schug *
has published four books of poems. He is employed as Recycling Coordinator at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota. "This is a fancy job title that means I sort other people's garbage for recycling."
Marjorie J. Scott
born and rooted in Minneapolis, has edited organization newspapers for close to 50 years. Living in Hawai'i she writes and edits a quarterly for the the world-wide Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association.
Jan Epton Seale
has received an N.E.A. fellowship in poetry. She writes and teaches writing in the Rio Grande chaparral of south Texas. With a number of books to her credit, her poetry volumes include Bonds and Sharing, Texas Poets in Concert, and The Yin of It.
Rowena Silver *
an editor of Epicenter, is a Winnipeg native, now living in southern California .
Julia Meylor Simpson *
born and raised on a farm in Iowa, now lives in Rhode Island, where she is "a wife, a mother of two, and a high school English teacher. I began writing poetry in my farmhouse bedroom in high school where I could always hear the wind rattling around the corners of the house."
Carol Sircoulomb
is a self employeed photographer, "Dabbling in dirt and clay creating.... gardens, sculpture, poems, photos trying to touch others emotions in Wichita, Kansas." She is married with 3 children and a multitude of animals.
Paul Skinner
resides in Kearney, Nebraska where he enjoys cooking Thai, Indian and Cajun food. A Civil War re-enactor at Fort Kearney, he is the Nebraska State Contact for the Natural Law Party and the American Clan Gregor Society.
Gregory Smith
lives in South Dakota.
Kenneth J. Smith
is a sales manager with 5 kids. He grew up on a farm on the high plains and finds "most of my poetry taking me back to that time in my life.  I have filled note books with poems sense I was five."
PJ Smith
was born on the plains in Maidstone, Saskatchewan. "My grandfather left a legacy of traveling as a rodeo clown and a rancher. My father loved the flat grassland inspite of constant travel in the military. And I inherited their love of the soil and their struggle with the plains. I love the space and the meditation of my own thoughts." PJ lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Mary Solomon
is unknown.
Barbara Spring
has roots in the prairie of Minnesota. Her poetry has been published in many web sites and literary magazines. "I am also a travel writer and some of my articles are published on the web. Barbara is the author of The Dynamic Great Lakes and The Wilderness Within, poems from wild places on this planet and within the human spirit.
Stephen Stamp
grew up in Ontario and now resides in British Columbia. On his several trips across the continent he has been struck by the prairies and moved to write. "Something about the prairies seems to bring out the best in writers."
Ben Stivers
lives East of the Mississippi river but spends a lot of time in Colorado Springs working. "I write. It's what I do."
Frank Stokes
was born in Pennsylvania, raised in central Illinois. Retired after thirty five years at Eastern Illinois University he is still happily married. "I am a formalist by inclination and a sometime dabbler in light verse. I still prefer melody in music, representation in painting, and subject in poetry."
Kristin Stoner
is an instructor of English at Des Moines Area Community College and a graduate of Iowa State University. She has been reading, writing, and loving poetry for over 15 years.
Mary Ann Stout
lives and teaches where the frontier is believed to have passed.
Garland Strother
, a native of Louisiana, lived for several years as a young man in Oklahoma, North Dakota and Montana before returning to Louisiana to work as a public librarian. He has a chapbook entitled Picking Rocks from Red Gate Press.
Melissa Sullivan
is the mother of four wonderful children, and lives in Petersburg, Illinois, where she teaches high school English.
David Hunter Sutherland
whose work has appeared in several journals, serves as editor for Recursive Angel. His collection of verse, issued by Menace Publishing, Alexandria, VA, is called between absolutes.
Colen H. Sweeten Jr.
has published three books. His background is a large homestead in Southern Idaho, farmed by using 150 horses, seven brothers, four cousins, and several hired hands.
Royce Sykes
has kicked around Missouri and Kansas for years. His greatest joy is God's gift of two wonderful daughters, even more than the poetry which has appeared in such ezines. Samples may also be viewed at his website:
Doug Tanoury *
grew up in Detroit and still lives in the area. His work has appeared in a variety of online and other publications.
Don Thackrey
spent part of his life on a Nebraska farm, and now lives in Michigan. He write sonnets and other formal verse about the farm and ranch life as he remembers it from many years ago.
Doug Thiele *
is a poet and lyricist masquerading as a college curricular
provocateur. His latest chapbook, "Like Chinese Milk," is available at Amazon Books, and his lyrics can be heard on the prairie wind.
S.A. Thieman
secludes in Iowa, works in the medical field, writes in the corn field and reads a lot of John Sweet.
William Tinsley *
a native of Texas, seeks to capture in poetry the spirit and beauty of his adopted state, Minnesota. His poems have won first place honors in the Chatfield Software Poetry Contest (96), The Colorado Open Poetry Contest (97) and the Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest (97). Married to Jackie Denton for 28 years, they have three children, Jonathan, Collin and Allison.
Twyla Toews
was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the heart of the prairies. She is usually found indulging in some form of artistic expression, whether it be poetry or photography or music.
Mark Torrez
is from Topeka, Kansas.
P. A. Trice
originally out of Oregon, "currently resides in California amongst sunsets, salmonberries and seagulls."
Bill Trudo
lives in Chicago. His work has also appeared on severl other on-line journals.
Pam Tucker
lives in Clarkston, Washington on the border with Lewiston, Idaho, but grew up in Wyoming.  The married mother of five grown children, she is an enthusiastic cyclist, "and the world I see from my bike often turns up in my poems."
E.R. Turner
grew up in western Kansas and lived in California, Germany, other places, and now Florida. "For me, finding Prairie Poetry was like finding members of a lost family."
Rosalee van Stelten
is a Victoria, BC freelance writer whose book Pattern of Genes is published by Frontenac House in Calgary.
Kirk VanDyke
splits his working time in Laramie, WY as a custodian and an entomologist.  His poetry has appeared in various publications.
Maria Vega
is published in a variety of journals.
Michelle Vondal
author of Poemories, and Office in a Bag, grew up in North Dakota.
Oren Wagner
now retired to Fort Worth, grew up on a cattle ranch outside of Durango, Colorado.
Kevin Walby
is a student at the University of Saskatchewan. He spends his summers out on the road, sometimes on Canadian tours with his band, sometimes just wherever the the night takes him.
Colin Ward
lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with his wife and corgi. He has been writing prose and non-fiction for more than four decades but turned his hand to poetry twelve years ago.
Mel Waterhouse
has roots in a family that lived in southern South Dakota for many generations. Now he lives and works with technical manuals and unruly freshmen in Southern California.
Jason Watkins
is unknown, but likes it that way for "It makes me seem all mysterious."
Don Watson
is a native Texan.
Helen R. Weingarten
is an early retired professor of social work from the University of Michigan who is now a part time faculty member at the Fielding Graduate Institute, a university without walls.
Jacqueline West
lives, writes, and teaches in Madison, Wisconsin where she is the 2006 winner of the Edgewood College Prize for Poetry.  Her work has appeared in various journals.
Steve West
is professor of English at Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, Tennessee. Published in various journals he is a traveller and a child of the Arkansas Ozarks where he was born.
Margaret Wigley Westall
lives in Kansas at the edge of the flinthills. Poet and personal essayist, she belongs to Prairie Poet's & Writer's and to the Kansas Author's Club and to the Kansas State Poetry Society.
Lynn Westbrook
grew up in Austin, Texas, and has enjoyed the prairies of Oklahoma and Illinois as well as the pecan hollows and creekbeds of her childhood. Living alone and teaching information studies, she watches her neurotic cats with affection and hears of her adult son's adventures with delight.
M.T. Whallete
is the pen name of a retired west Texas CPA. He resides in Midland, Texas, with plans to move the Dallas-Fort Worth area to be closer to his children and grandchildren.
Tony Whisenant
born in Liberal, Kansas, has been a lifelong resident of the
high plains.
Debra L. White
is a retired teacher living in Hays, Kansas
Karen White
is a Wyoming native transplanted into the red clay of South Carolina. She lives on the water, "the only place in SC where you can see more than 50 feet. There are trees everywhere!" She has had work published in several literary magazines.
Elizabeth Hughes Wiley *
came to love the prairie and plains while working on an MFA in Creative Writing in Kansas. She, her husband and their three Kansas-born cats, now live in San Diego, California, by way of San Antonio, Savannah and Brazil.
Gary Charles Wilkens
studies in the MA in English program at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, where he works as a teaching assistant.
Kristie Woll
was born and raised in southwest Minnesota. After a few years in New England, she lives now in Brooklyn, where she writes about the landscape of home.
Cindy Wren
is a wife and mother of two. She enjoys life with the family's two golden retrievers and four wonderful equine friends. .
David Wright *
is a native Midwesterner. His poems have appeared in various publications. His two poetry collections are Lines from the Provinces (2000) and A Liturgy for Stones (2002). His website is
The Writers Round Table
of Springfield IL occasionally composes poetry as a joint venture. The Round Table can be found at
Warrick Wynne
teaches and writes on the Mornington Peninsula, about forty miles south of Melbourne, Australia. He has had a number of poems published in Australian magazines and has completed two books, Lost Things and Other Poems and The Colour of Maps.
Sarah Yost *
is a free lance writer and massage therapist living in Wichita, KS. "The subject of my poems are people of the midwest, the kind of people I've not met anywhere else--and I've been everywhere else. These people are of the ordinary variety and it is in the ordinary that I see their beauty and uniqueness. These are the people of the midwest, set against a backdrop of surreal sunsets and limitless sky."
Charlene Zatorski
grew up on an Alberta farm and is at work on both a chap book and a historical novel

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