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Many Thanks To The Friends of Prairie Poetry For Their Contributions To The 2008 Friends Prize

John Blair
Gary Blankenship
Will Brule
Geraldine Moorkens Byrne
Brooks Carver
Joe Coffey
J Donald Coonrod

Marc duPlan
Melanie Gatchell
Naren Jackson
Debra Kaufman
Elisabeth Lee
Rhonda Lundquist
Francis Masat

George Moore
Margaret Mullins
Sandra Raichel
Elizabeth Renninger
Gerard Sarnat
Alexandra Shively
Eldon Turner
Elizabeth Wiley


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The criteria for nomination for a Peer Award is that, in the judgement of their peers, the craft and vision embodied in these works merit special recognition. The works receiving the most nominations from Prairie Authors for a calendar year become finalists from which the authors again select those who is to be awarded this honor. Three Peer Award recipients are named annually. In the event of a tie, a fourth recipient is named.

Peer Awards for 1996, 1997, and 1998 were judged by individual authors. Beginning with the 1999 awards, authors whose work has been published at Prairie Poetry are invited to nominate poems for the Peer Award monthly and select the winners from a group of finalists annually.

The Friends Prize is a monetary award funded by voluntary contributions from readers like you. It is given annually (beginning in 2002) to one or more recipients of tbe Peer Award. The winner is chosen by the Friends themselves. The amount of the prize varies from year to year depending on contributions received.

Every year the size of the Friends Prize purse has grown. In recent years the purse has been divided among the Peer Award winners with the Friend's Prize winner receiving the largest amount. Total purse by year has been:

2002 -- $   70
2003 -- $ 285
2004 -- $ 600
2005 -- $ 800
2006 -- $ 900
2007 -- $ 800
2008 -- $ 790

More About The Peer Awards

Peer Award 
Poems that receive a Peer Award are honored online with this emblem.
The 2008 Recipients of the Peer Award:

Will Brule - The Song of Flies in Summer

Ashley Coleman - The Cracks Made In My FingersFriends Prize Winner

Marc duPlan - Winter Nude

Karsten Piper - The Word flat

The 2007 Recipients of the Peer Award:

Leah Browning - The Woman Who Could See SoundFriends Prize Winner

Mary Butler - Loon

Larry Schug - Arrogant Bones

The 2006 Recipients of the Peer Award:

John I. Blair - Intimations Of Prairie In Dallas

Joyce Middlestead - Wild Onions

Jesse Zerger Nathan - Liberal, Kansas

Elizabeth Hughes Wiley - KansasFriends Prize Winner

The 2005 Recipients of the Peer Award:

Vicki Goodfellow Duke - White DandelionFriends Prize Winner

Daniel Thomas Moran - Recalling Pipestone Minnesota

Kristin Stoner - More Than Anything . . .

The 2004 Recipients of the Peer Award:

Neil Aitken - AdriftFriends Prize Winner

David Bond - Prayer Against Leaving

Heather Knowles Cottington - In Summer Come Black-Eyed Susans

Julia Meylor Simpson - Hearing Polkas On The Plains

The 2003 Recipients of the Peer Award:

Neil Aitken - Forgetting To Fill Up In Saskatoon

John Blair - Nothing Between Me And The North Pole

Joan Hoekstra - Notes On Small Towns

Naomi Patterson - DroughtFriends Prize Winner

The 2002 Recipients of the Peer Award:

Meagan Evans - Drought SongFriends Prize Winner

Clyde Kessler - Spear Point

David Wright - Gammal Fabodpsalm

The 2001 Recipients of the Peer Award:

Kari Abate - Too So

Will Brulé - Funeral Arrangement

Rosemary Griebel - Prairie Ghazal

J. D. Heskin - Furrows Plowed

The 2000 Recipients of the Peer Award:

Loren Flynn - Winifred and Beyond

Elisabeth Lee - Ghosts

Claudia Loomis - For Sandy

Sarah Yost - Stain Repellant

The 1999 Recipients of the Peer Award:

Paul Kloppenborg - Vanishing Barn

Rowena Silver - Manitoba Warmth

Doug Thiele - Out Back

The 1998 Recipients of the Peer Award -- judged by Sharon Drummond:

Aurora Austin - Summer in Kansas

Dave Bishop - Out of Urban

William Tinsley - Winter Morning

The 1997 Recipients of the Peer Award -- judged by Naomi Patterson:

Joe Coffey - Prairie Haiku #2

Debra Kaufman - Flood of 94

Elisabeth Lee - In the Land of Bread

The 1996 Recipient of the Peer Award -- judged by Joe Coffey:

Doug Tanoury - Nebraska Art


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