Prairie Poetry   
  Summer Jubilee

My heart is full of joy! Come sing with me my brother.
Tater wagon’s* rolling from one horizon to the other.
Spring peepers sound from every seep and bog,
And baby rabbits tumble from every hollow log;
The grass and flowers spring from the ground,
Spring has sprung now all around,
A soft southern breeze makes a joyful sound—
It’s the making of a summer jubilee!

The snow is gone.  Warm sun has kissed bare trees to green,
The fields and brooks are a verdant scene;
Stately deer stalk the woodland shadows,
Quail and meadowlark trill from over the meadows,
Whispering raindrops awake the earth as God has said
Violets nod their fragile heads,
Trilliums spring from out their beds—
It’s the making of a summer jubilee!

The fruitful earth is alive again!  Come see the glad surprise,
Glory brightens in the east and flows across the skies;
Our Master’s Hand is evident in everything we see,
From the soaring hawk to the buzzing honeybee,
Just watch the waving grain grow ripe and golden in the glow,
The apple orchards abide with promise now of fruit to grow,
Hungry days of winter defeated as the hay we mow—
It’s the making of a summer jubilee!

*A summer storm with lightning and thunder

  Martha Meek
  Copyright © 2007 Martha Meek
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