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Lost Authors?

Email is a great way to communicate. But over the years people change addresses and forget to tell us. We contact former authors periodically. If your name is among those listed below, or if you know how to contact one of the authors listed below, we sure would appreciate it if you would send us a current Email address. We'd like to stay in touch! (And we can't tell you how to participate in the monthly Peer Award nominations if we don't know how to find you.)

Use this form to tell us how to contact you:


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Allan Safarik
Amanda Becker
Ann Everett
Annette Marie Hyder
Barbara Spring
Bill Coleman
Bill Trudo
Billenda Hemeyer
Billie McCorkle
Bliss Patterson
Bonnie Kilgore
Bridget Crosby
Bruce Owens
Carol Desjarlais
Carol La Foret
Carol Manley
Carol Sircoulomb
Caroline Miller
Charlene Zatorski
Chris Becker
Dale Hermann
Dale Hilliard
Danielle Friesen-Bethune
David Sander-Ladd
David Sutherland
Dean Morrison McKenzie
Dennis Godar
Don Lang
Don Watson
Donna Ryan
Dori Patterson Bearce
Doug Tanoury
Doug Thiele
Duane Esarey
Edna Aphek
Frank Stokes
George Pasley
Greg Smith
Hailey Campbell
Harold Janzen
Herbert Church
Howard Brown
J. Boychuk
Jay Marvin
Jo-Anne Dusel
Joan Hopkins
Job Conger
John Horvath
John-Wesley Harding
Jon Bidwell
Justin Fisher
K Gallagher
Karen White
Kari Abate

Katie Mills
Ken Grimme
Kevin Walby
Kristy Bowen
Laura Brighton
Leon Elam
Loren Flynn
Luke Powers
Lynn Westbrook
Marcy Palk
Margaret Westall
Marion Merrill
Marjorie Scott
Mark Torrez
Martha Meek
Mary Herbert
Mary Solomon
Mary Ann Stout
Matt Ford
Maureen Mullin
Melissa Sullivan
Michael Loose
Michael Ponsford
Neil Aitken
Nelson Miller
P.A. Trice
Pam Gebhard
Pat Daneman
Paul Skinner
Peter Ross-Gotta
Raymond Maher
Rich Furman
Richard Baron
Robert Littler
Ron Baron
Ronald DeSantis
Rhonda Lundquist
Rosemary Griebel
Royce Sykes
Ruben Fernandez
Russell Ashby
S.A. Thieman
Sally Broomfield
Sara Donnelly
Sarah Yost
Serenity Borrowman
Stephen Page
Terry Lowenstein
Thomas Golden
Tim McMillan
Tony Whisenant
Victor Harrison
Warwick Wynne
William Davis


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